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What is QI QONG ?

Qi Gong is a true art of living that brings the body and mind into harmony.

A thousand-year-old technique practiced by monks and martial artists alike, Qi Gong is also part of traditional Chinese medicine alongside acupuncture, pharmacopoeia and massage.

The word Qi Gong is composed of two Chinese ideograms

  • Qi, which translates as breath, energy.
  • Gong, which designates both the work, the means used, and the mastery, the goal sought.
What is QI QONG ? - Good Healthifizer
Qi Gong therefore means work, as well as the control of energy.

Qi Gong is a set of energetic practices, aiming at individual development, well-being, health maintenance, harmony between the body and the mind as well as the general balance between the parts of the body and the systems that compose it.

Qi Gong exercises use movements, body postures, breathing exercises and mobilization of the breath, as well as concentration of the mind.

The methods of practicing Qi Gong are multiple, depending on the objectives. There are no less than 18000 of them, resulting from centuries of research and experience of Taoist and Buddhist monks, martial fighters, traditional doctors, such as Hua Tuo, Sun Miao, and many other great figures of Chinese medicine. But they all have in common, the goal of circulating energy in the body and strengthen it, based on the knowledge developed by traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Qi Gong allows to strengthen the body,
  • to make it more flexible and to optimize all the functions of the body,
  • to maintain health and vitality through a physical and respiratory practice,
  • find the relaxation and inner calm necessary for a good psychic balance,
  • prepares for all sports, artistic and educational disciplines since this internal work by the right placement and the good perception of the body favors the conscience of its functioning and develops the concentration, the availability and the creativity.
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It is accessible to all and at any age of life and does not require any particular condition.

What is QI QONG ? - Good Healthifizer


What is QI QONG ? - Good HealthifizerIt consists of a series of movements, sometimes fast to develop flexibility and agility, sometimes slow to develop body awareness and energy flow.

Besides the series of movements, the physical training emphasizes the static position, which considerably develops the body’s vital energy.

There are also breathing exercises, sitting visualizations to awaken and control the energy currents inside the body, and also self-massage and therapeutic treatments.

What is specific to Qi Gong, a remnant of its ancient shamanic origins, is that the practitioner learns to capture the energies of nature, trees, earth and sky. He works with the sun, the moon, the stars, in order to strengthen the vital energy, and also to purify it.

This capacity for inner fluidity and osmosis with the outside world is not just a figment of the imagination. We can see some martial artists throwing their opponent without contact, as if there was a shockwave coming from him.

This same principle is also used to emit energy through the hands and heal.

This is called Fa Gong. It is used by some acupuncturists, by masseurs, in shiatsu techniques, in contact or at a distance, by the projection of Qi.

It is used in different ways in personal development, dance, opera singing, painting, music, but also in creativity, learning, or high level sports.

It is more and more scientifically recognized that Qi Gong has curative therapeutic effects through regular practice, such as anti-aging effects on joints, arterial and cerebral circulation, memory, attention, endocrine and sexual secretions.

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