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Unsafe Core Abdominal Exercises for Women With ...

Physical Therapist demonstrates 2 unsafe abdominal core exercises to avoid with prolapse from What is the Problem with …

Hello. My name’s Michelle Kenway.

Unfortunately some women living with prolapse problems stop exercising altogether, and they miss out on those really great benefits that exercise can bring their body.

Today I’m going to show you how to modify a couple of regular, commonplace exercises that are performed in the gym. These are abdominal muscle exercises, and we know that some particular abdominal exercises create pressure on the pelvic floor, and can worsen prolapse and can make prolapse symptoms become much worse.

Actually worsen prolapse problems and even contribute to recurrent prolapse after surgery. So I’d like to show you how to modify a couple of regular exercises that you might have seen performed in the gym.

The first one we’re going to do is called the plank. And many of you will have seen this. For the plank is performed, typically in the gym, on your belly. So you would have seen it performed in this manner: Elbows are down, and often you get the instruction to pull in your abdominal muscles strongly and lift up into a full plank. Now what that does is activates the strong upper abdominal muscles to push down, and that actually pushes down the pelvic floor and pushes down the prolapse. To modify that exercise, bring your elbows in and just activate your abdominal muscles really gently, the lower abdominal muscles should be a just a really gentle contraction. Shoulders back and down, and lifting onto the knees. And that is enough.

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That will work your deep abdominals, but avoid creating undue pressure on the pelvic floor. The second exercise I want to show you how to modify is called the hundred. Now you might have seen this in Pilates class.

Lying down : typically this exercise is performed with both legs up in the air and again you might have the instruction to draw in the abdominal muscles strongly, and then lift in the hundred involves lots of little lifts and pushes and little sit-up type exercises. We know when these muscles contract strongly there’s a downward force onto the pelvic floor. So how can you avoid that or modify that?

By lying down in the class, raising one leg, keeping the normal inward curve in the lower back, and with those abdominal muscles just gently contracted, lowering the leg down slowly towards the ground and then lifting it back up. Maintain that abdominal contraction. Lowering down slowly, and lifting back up, and taking the leg down.

So, as you can see, there’s ways you can really readily modify unsafe exercises in the gym.

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