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ProForm Hybrid Trainer

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is exactly what it sounds like – a machine that is designed to give you a complete cardiovascular training experience by combining two different machines into one. With the ProForm Hybrid Trainer you can either stride because it functions as an elliptical but you can also sit down and pedal because it is also designed as an exercise bike. It is very simple but revolutionary in design that is capable of giving you more options in staying fit. This also allows you to work on different muscle groups.

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Pros of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer:

  • Hybrid Design – as mentioned, the best thing about the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is that it functions as both an elliptical and as an exercise bike. You get 15-inch stride length, a recumbent seat, and handles for both standing and sitting positions. The pedals are adjustable to suit both positions as well.
  • Full Workout – this machine comes with 14 different workout apps, each one designed for different goals. These are all built-in so you don’t need to download anything else. Complimenting this are the 14 resistance levels that can really get you sweating.
  • Adjustable LCD Display – the LCD display shows all of the norms (speed, strides, heart rate, and more) but it can also be tilted so you can see it regardless if you are sitting down or standing.
  • Optimal Monitoring – there is an included dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor, RPM meter, and a target pacer. These all help you keep track of your progress and can alert you if you need to put more effort or if it is time to slow things down.
  • Convenience – for your convenience there is also a water bottle holder as well as transport wheels that make it a lot easier to move around and store away when no longer needed.
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Cons of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer:

  • The 15-inch stride is fine for most people but if you do have larger feet then it is likely you’ll need one that has an 18-20-inch stride instead.


Why spend hundreds or even thousands for two separate workout machines when you can get both of them in the ProForm Hybrid Trainer? This is the perfect example of convenience and practicality melded into one machine and it does a fine job as both an elliptical and as an exercise bike. It has all the standard features to monitor your progress and some are added in just to make it easier for you such as the water bottle holder.

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